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Default Re: Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

You have a delicate situation here. On one hand you could shut him down, nicely, but this is bound to make for some taint down the road. I like your guitaring idea, as long as you are just as satisfied playing guitar, and you don't lose any money. This seems to be the most mature solution, but you are giving up the drum spot. A good sub is valuable to have and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that relationship. Tough call. If you give up anything at all you must never let him forget, and should periodically remind him of how he put you on the spot, and you acted highly unselfishly and he owes you for the REST OF HIS LIFE. You could get a lot of mileage from that lol, it may be worth it.
If you do give anything up you should wise him up on the "Indian Giving" thing. Maybe break out the written copy of those unwritten rules.
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