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Default Re: Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
If anything, he should be having one, once you tell him you've rearranged your life to work around this gig since he's been gone. Tell him you've quit a lot of work so you can work this gig.
That's what I was thinking - let him know that to quit the gig would send you backwards.

The music biz is weird ... it's a job and people's livelihoods depend on it but in some circles there's this mateship thing going on where people gloss over the fact that being a pro musician is a job.

So these situations crop up. Putting on your professional hat when someone you know approaches you on a mateship basis is considered bad form - uncool. Oddly, trying to con someone out of their professional benefits with a manipulative appeal to mateship seems to be judged less harshly ... hey, it might be dodgy but at least it's not stodgy. Right? Rock musos are not allowed to be stodgy unless their name is Robert Fripp.

If there's no pre-arrangement, his request is outrageous and he's relying on your good nature and wish to retain good relations (while playing fast and loose with his relationship with you). If you watch The Big Bang Theory, it's a bit like Sheldon invoking the Friendship Clause of the Roommate Agreement. The unwritten Muso Solidarity Agreement.

Maybe he you could get him to ask your wife if he can have the gig back and he can suggest to her which items your children should do without since you'll have less cash? *evil grin*
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