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Last night I went to my local Guitar Center to watch one of my friends who was competing in the Drum-Off preliminary round. One of the participants was John DiCenso, who is the great Dave DiCenso's brother. The solo he performed was breathtaking and nothing short of amazing. It was very tasteful and soulful instead of just being filled with the useless wankery that seems to pollute many drum solos nowadays. He played with a traditional grip and a single pedal. Needless to say, he advanced to the store finals which will be held next Tuesday.
As I was watching, I began to wonder if that kind of talent just ran in the family but I am sure he and Dave have worked very hard in order to reach the level that they have reached. Anyways, I was able to talk with him for a bit after the Drum-Off had concluded for the night and he was a very nice guy! I inquired about taking some lessons in the near future since I've been meaning to get back to them after a two year break and I doubt I will find someone with a larger knowledge base in my area. I hope he accepts me as his student!

P.S. Apparently his brother Dave is currently touring with Josh Groban, so if you get the chance to go see Josh I would recommend it.
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