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Default Re: Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

Originally Posted by Zickos View Post
Sorry, save your "Mortal Dilemma" for something truly "Mortal".
What does he do with a "moral" dimemma though?......and what did you do with your reading glasses? :-)

Originally Posted by Evilbagua View Post
acquaintance or good friend? Did they inform you they'd be back and wanting it when they would be in a few months? Do they know you quit another band?

If it was me and I was not told it would be temporary I'd say no.
This sums up my thoughts I think. Much of what I did would be directly related to how good a mate he is. You've given up a fair bit to do the gig and if he never told you he may want it back, I think it's a little unreasonable to ask you for it.

Whatever the outcome, you shouldn't feel a single ounce of guilt if you say no, mate.
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