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Default Re: Moral Dilemma: What would you do?

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Hello DW family, I have a bit of a situation in my life right now, and would like some input. I'll sum up the story as quickly as I can:

A few months back, an acquaintance of mine moved out of town, and had to give up a gig of his in town. He referred me for the gig, I took it on, and have been doing it for the past couple of months. It's a great gig, and I even quit another band I was in to make room for it in my schedule, and also decided to not sign up with a holiday gigging group I've been involved with for the past 7 years. Anyways...he called me up last night and told me he was moving back into town and asked if he could have his gig back. I won't tell you what the pros and cons that immediately went through my head were, but I'm wondering what the fine folks here at DW would do...would you give back the gig or keep it?
CW, What would you do if you were returning, would you even ask for the gig back?

Seems an odd expectation that you would "hold" the spot until he got back. Very interested in hearing how it turns out.

Good luck, on a positive note, only somebody with class would even worry about it. A good problem to have, I suspect.
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