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Default Re: My Sonor Kit

Sorry I forgot to post the specs.
Well the current specs are:
8", 10", 12", rack toms
14", 16", floor toms
14" x 5.5" Snare drum
22" x 17.5" Bass drum
16" AA Rock Crash
16" Z Custom Crash
18" AA Rock Crash
20" AA Rock Ride ( I love it!! )
14" AA Rock Hats
Iron Cobra Power Glide Twin Pedal
Evans Heads - G2 on top of toms; Genera resonant on bottom - Genera dry on snare; Genera resonant on snare side - Rythm Tech Active Snare System - EMAD on Bass

I need more cymbals and variations between Sabian series. I got too much AA Rock cymbals wich are very good but I want more colors and depth. I was thinking some HHX and Vault cymbals would be great for me. I want to experiment with some new heads like the new EC2s from Evans and the EMAD 2 bass head.

I eliminated the third pedal because I broke that yellow thing I had mounted. Practicing clave is freaking hard!!
Check out my Sonor/Sabian Kit!

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