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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to all drummers in this forum.

Real name?
Thomas Kriesmann


How long have you been playing?
7 years (5 years first, then a 16 year break, and now since 2 years again)

Origin of user name?
That is the nickname my buddies at university gave me and I use it ever since as user name. For English native speakers: The "die" is not related to death or so. It is a german article in front of female nouns. "Neckar" is a river in the southwest of Germany and it is masculin which would require the masculin article "der". I got that wrong as I am from the North of Germany where all rivers are female. My buddies found that funny and so I got that weird nickname. So much the lesson in German grammar. Let's continue with the top 5 drummers.

Your top 5 drummers?
In chronological order of their influence on me:
1. Peter Criss (As a kid, I played to his solos on Kiss Alive I and II on my airdrums - with my face painted of course. Probably the reason why I am a drummer at all.).
2. Simon Philipps (Give Blood by Peter Townsend just blew me away).
3. John Bonham (Fool In The Rain was my first challenge after my "come-back").
4. Tommy Igoe (A great teacher - though I have not had the opportunity of being taught by him in person, but via DVD instead).
5. Kenny Aronoff (listen to what he has to say:

Make of drumkit?
Gretsch Blackhawk. Yes, I am on budget as I focus on the sound first (and I have to feed three children also). Everybody in my band particularly like the phat 22/20 basedrum with closed resonance head. The toms have a nice attack and open, wide sustain with Remo coated heads. On my metal snare, I have an Aquarian Texture Coated head - great sound and a very sustainable coating. The best for brushes, I would say.
I also have a Millenium E-drum set MPS 400 at home.

Make of cymbal?
A crispy hihat, a clear and defined ride, a good crash and last but not least a fantastic china. All made by Masterwork Troy.

Where do you practice?
At home with my e-set. In the practice room of my band with the Gretsch.

Are you in a band?
Yes, one.

Do you play covers or originals?
We play covers, i.e. we convert Rock/Pop classics into Jazz.

What style of music?
Jazz, Funk, Swing, Bossa Nova, Tango, Reggae. What ever we see fit for the interpretation of the said Rock/Pop classics.

Favourite take out food?

What country do you live in?
Germany. In Munich to be exact.

One really odd fact about yourself?
I would say that my drum carreer is odd. See above.

How did you start drumming?
As mentioned above, on my airdrums and years later at the age of 20 on my first kit.

All the best
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