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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

I'm currently collecting dealer quotes for a DW kit!

I've been drooling over DW for at least ten years, and I'm finally in a position where I can buy one. I've played a few DW kits live (house kits or kits owned by other bands I've shared the stage with), and they've always left me wanting one.

This is what I'm collecting quotes for:

Vital statistics:
- 10x8 VLT tom
- 12x9 VLT tom
- 16x14 X floor tom
- 18x22 X kick

Finish: Twisted White Silk
Hardware: Black Nickel

- 14x6 10+6 Collectors snare in Black Ice with Chrome hardware
I'm keeping the snare in black/chrome since I tend to bring my own snare when I play house kits, and a black snare will go with any colour kit.

Thoughts? I'm very excited right about now :-)

Pics generated by DW's kitbuilder:

(Pedals and cymbals for illustration only)

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