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Default Re: Snare Drum Mics

I use equalization quite a bit. A 1.4 frequency tweak does the trick for most snares. But again, its not so much the tone and timbre of the drum. Most mics I have used on it do the snare justice in those departments. It is the dynamic response of the mics and the warmth factor. I was actually messing around with an Avlex mic a little while ago (which has similar specs to a 58) and with compression tweaks and mid range equalization tweaks. It is sounding a lot nicer. The mic itself is holding up well with the snare. I can actually here the articulation of the drum very clearly, and I managed to warm up the sound quite a bit with a vintage tube warmer plug in.

As far as placement, I am currently double micing the snare (batter and resonant side). Both mics are angled down towards the head and are about an inch away from the rims and about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch away from the batter head.

I think a lot of it is just really trying new things, I am recording a lot of different music compared to what I have in the past, so it has forced me to contemplate different things and has made me have different desires and expectations out of the snare sound.

Any more suggestions on mics? And anyone have any better methods of mic placement?

Thanks for your input so far, very much appreciated.
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