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Originally Posted by JazzRock View Post
yes but when people google a drummer's name and go to their page on this site, they THEN go to the forum for discussion. You don't have to be directed to forum immediately to get here. It's easy to find once you're directed to the site. Not only that, but when you google simply STEVE HASS, this forum DOES come up as Steve's name is all over this thread. It comes up several times in fact as I just did it.
So really, the logic Bernard posted here doesn't make sense. What makes sense is that out of all the hundreds of thousands of readers of a global drum magazine, 18,000 came here. If you think about all the drummer's in the world that read MD or sought out Steve Hass or any other name drummer online, 18,000 is not a big number after a magazine promotion.
If you look at Hass' thread in the House Of Drumming website it has the 2nd highest views, the first being Vinnie Colaiuta.
Bernhard probably knows how these numbers crunch as well as anyone on the Internet. I'm with him on this one. Funny you mentioned HOD. I assumed from the start this was some mischief concocted by a handful of their more tragically hip forum guys...who probably thought is was funny to goof a little with a mainstream forum...not Holmes etc...but a lot of us know there are some characters at that place. Haas is great, but those numbers were fishy from the start.
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