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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

Hey guys it's been a while and sorry for bothering but erm.. It's about the bass.
I've been starting it and training technique and stuff on it but I also need to focus on drums right?. Anyways, I have a really rough schedule with school with so much.. much.. Homework and tests and it's really hard to keep up practicing bass that I am gonna get but currently on classic guitar and I need to also practice drums. It's really hard to keep up with all this stuff that I need to do and there are some days that I can barely get to practice anything.
What should I do? This has already effected the time limit that I train, In vacations and holidays it's 4-6 hours a day and now it's barely 20-30 minutes a day :/.

This is really hard, What do you think I should do with my schedule? school is very important and I need to somehow keep up with everything..
Thanks for the help :)
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