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Default Re: What does the sound guy do.

I had a sound guy convince my friend to cut a hole in his reso head. I was pissed. The sound guy just walked up and straight up said, "Would you mind porting that bass drum? you'll get a better sound out of the drum." Then they took an utility knife and pretty much free handed a circle in the head. It was awful. Granted, it was only a stock reso, nothing special, and my buddy isn't really a gear fanatic like me, so he didn't care, but still. The audacity of that guy floors me. Not to mention he completely screwed the entire show up. It was, again, awful. Among other ridiculous problems/issues we had that night (like the mix being totally off and everything sounding like komodo dragon ass), the headliner's keyboard wasn't coming through the PA and it took all of 20 minutes to retrace the channels and figure out what the problem was. And if I remember correctly, they had the channel muted and didnt know about it. Pathetic. Once, again, I was pissed.

In general sound guys are pretty cool. But every once and a while you get a freak of nature that doesn't know anything.
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