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Billy Cobham was basically the only reason I got into fusion in the first place. Well, him and Tony Williams. But Tony's best work isn't fusion anyway, IMHO, so Billy was really the guy for me. Once I'd exhausted most of the stuff he did in Mahavnishnu and his early solo stuff I had a poke around the other 70s fusion acts, found some other stuff I enjoy and then for the most part found the rest of the style (post-70s) pretty dead and soulless. There's plenty of other technically amazing fusion drummers out there, but I can't think of many who speak to me like Billy does.

The only other fusion drummer I've seen come close so far is probably Nat Townsley. He's got the X-factor too...

As for Cobham, that opening roll and groove on "One Word" is enough for any drummer.
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