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Default Re: What does the sound guy do.

Originally Posted by evolving_machine View Post
I really do not see it necessary to mic the drums because I have a good kick and snare sound and my cymbals, to me sound good.
For the most part, it's not about individual elements, it's about a decent mix of the entire band. An 80 seater may seem a little small, but at the end of the day they know their own venue and they know from past experience with other bands what's required.

What does the typical sound man do?
His main aim is the front of house mix. Sure you'll probably get stage monitoring et al, but ensuring the punters can hear a good sound out the front is his primary objective. Depending on how he thinks this is best achieved, you may not be mic'd at all....or you might be fully mic'd. it's really his call.

Would he cut a hole in my bass drum even if I do not have a hole in the front head?
Very much doubt it. I've never seen it done. I'm sure I've had one or two grumble over the years due to me having an unported head. But no, they won't start hacking away at your kit.

Does the sound of the cymbals sound different through the PA system then what I hear from behind the kit? Would my snare sound different?
EQ-ing and other processing generally does change the way drums and cymbals naturally sound. However, it's really nothing to worry about. Besides, you're sitting right on top of them. unless you're using in-ears etc, your drums will still sound like your drums.

Play your gig, enjoy yourself and let them worry about the sound mate.
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