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Default What does the sound guy do.

I am about to play my first live drumming job in many years. The last time I did a job, they did not have sound men in clubs to mic the drums. Actually they had hollow logs and sticks that fell off the trees that morning.

I really do not see it necessary to mic the drums because I have a good kick and snare sound and my cymbals, to me sound good. My problem is that I have to tie the drums together and keep them from walking from my bass kicking. I have a pretty good bass kick. I break bass heads and bass beaters sometimes. I thought I stopped doing that, but started playing rock again.

What does the typical sound man do? Would he cut a hole in my bass drum even if I do not have a hole in the front head? Does the sound of the cymbals sound different through the PA system then what I hear from behind the kit? Would my snare sound different?

The place is small and only seats about 80 people, yet for some reason they have a sound man for this place.

What scares me is that I saw that you tube cartoon on this subject.
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