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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

The sticks:

2 pair green balter vibe mallets
Pair malletech glock mallets
Pair Bob Becker malletech xylo mallets
Pair Chalklin MS14 vibe mallets
Pair Chalklin soft cymbal sticks (they're probably vibe mallets)
Pair David Morbey 520 timp mallets
Pair David Morbey 530KK timp mallets
Pair Mike Balter Brass Glock Mallets
Pair Vic Firth wire brushes
7 Vic Firth 5a Nylon tip sticks.

The percussion related:

Drum key
Ear Plugs
2 majestic timpani tuning keys
1 premier timpani tuning key
Duck whistle
Finger Cymbals
Hi Hat Cymbal Felt
Moon Gel
Triangle Beater set
Bongo spanner (bent)

The other stuff:

3 mechanical pencils
Pencil Sharpener
2 cufflinks
4 highlighter pens
5 pegs
1 hand sanitising gel
Box plasters
A paperclip
Bow tie
Allen Keys
Three normal pencils
256Mb USB stick

The quite wierd:

Knob from premier xylophone support
large 10 amp fuse (no idea what this is from!?)
Broken majestic timp handle
Half a premier vibe fan
Very small wing nut
A spring, probably from a majestic timp handle
Small coil of wire

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