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Originally Posted by kettles View Post
Hi Tim, I have really enjoyed your videos and think it's great that you take the time to make and upload them. I am a couple of months into learning double bass (been drumming 10+ years) and wondering if I should be working on control, endurance and speed, and not worry about my volume for now? Will that come later or should I be trying to maintain volume before advancing with speed and complexity?

At the moment I am practicing rudiments including flam patterns to work on control and precision, but for speed practice I'm currently not going faster than the speed at which I can keep a high volume (about 130). I'm wondering if I should just chill out and go as fast as I can without worrying about the volume. thanks
Glad you like the vids,
Im posting New ones in better quality soon and a lot of the old ones will be gone.
TOO MANY drummers want to worry about speed and they dont need it
does your Music requier you to play faster if YEs than you need to work on speed.
everything takes time and patience and PRACTICE.
CONTROl is most important without control you will never achieve true speed.
after a certain speed volume drops its physics.when i play i just play if my bass drums are not loud enough Ill trigger them like everyone else does.
God Bless
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