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Originally Posted by Divinedrummer View Post
So here's the lesson forget all your schools of drumming, forget all those analytical drum buffs who tell you, don't overplay (actually there is no such thing as overplaying, it was Keith style and no one did it before him or like him.) Nor listen to those academics who have metronomes stuck in their brains, hes not sloppy, he's understands drums differently from you, and thats why he's Keith Moon and changed the world of drums forever. And most of all thats why he will be remembered as one of the greatest most influencial drummers that ever lived, and thats why those drum critics will be forgotten 10 mins after their dead.....Keith Moon lives on.....God bless him, is is blindingly brilliant, beyond and above those who think they understood him....Keith Moon I can see a different drummer a one in a million who shone and gave us all something....indeed there is no substitute....
You just nailed this thread, my friend, my thoughts exactly!!
all the other rock drummers Today (even a 10 year old) can play like Neil Peart, Bonzo or any other famous drummer in rock history but no Keith Moon!!

I just love non technical drumming.
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "
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