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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Pearl Drum Set - $495 (Storrs or Old Saybrook, CT)

This set was purchased new in 1996 when drums were made better than today. They have hardly been played, but have been kept in mint condition. The set is Pearl Export Series and has 7 pieces. Zildjian Scimitar Top HI Hat- 14" Sabian crash- 20"
Bass- 22" with attached... 2- Rack Tom Toms- 12" and 13" Floor Tom Tom- 16" Snare- 15" The hardware is all top quality. PLEASE INQUIRE!!

Did you know that Pearl made better drums in 1996 then they do today?
I learn something new from craigs everyday!

Dude, it's true. In fact they even made them better in 2003 than they do today. And actually last year's models are also golden.

And next year, this year's model will be far superior.

Just think, in five years, they'll be vantage.
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