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Default Snare Drum Mics

Recently I have been doing a lot of recording work at home. I run ProTools with a Digi001 unit. I have all the gear required to get good sound (reverb units, compressors, high quality pre-amps, mics), you name it. I have a large assortment of mics and the drum tracks sound fantastic...with one small exception. The snare drum! Which obviously is one of the most crucial sounds of a recording. For the majority of recording work I use a 13x5.5 Premier Artist Birch snare, which is a beautiful sounding snare. It has awesome crack and is very dynamically sensitive. I have tried about 10 different mics (Shure SM57, SM58, an Avlex mic specifically designed for snares, shot gun mic, and many different mics from drum kit mic package) and nothing is really measuring up to the recorded snare sound I desire. It seems as if my overhead condensors do most of the work as far as capturing the sound goes. I mean the tone of the snare drum is exactly the way it sounds when I'm playing on my on, which I like. But the snare mics I've used just haven't given the depth, warmth, and dynamic sensitivity I want. In other words, rim clicks and ghost notes are lost sometimes in the mix and rim shots always seem to clip out (and I am not a loud/hard player by any means). I have tried correcting this with condensors and preamps and equalizers...and nothing has solved the problem. I have also tried double, and even triple, micing the snare. But still nothing is really working for me.

Any help or suggestions on a suitable snare mic (or mics) would be great.

Thanks in advanced,
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