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real name? - Dimitri Fantini
age? - 16
how long been playing? - over 15 years
origin of user name? - a character in a book i was writing which i now hate, the name still kicks ass

top 5 drummers? - Nathaniel Townsley, El Negro, Bill Bruford, Will Kennedy, Carter Beauford
make of drumkit? - DW
make of cymbal? - Paiste new signature
where do you practice? - in my studio
are you in a band/s? - cwriting and recording, but no band
covers or originals? - originals
what style of music? - the music is kindof in the range of seal / peter gabriel / poe in terms of the style and quality of producing, musicianship and accesssibility
favourite take out food? - El Sombrero, little mexican shop ten minutes away
country? - Italy or Japan
one really odd fact about yourself? - completely vegan
how did you start drumming? - before I was a year old i would play actual beats on my dads drumset in his studio when he was trying to work (he's a guitar player so i didn't learn to play from him), so for my first birthday i got my own little set and I've been playing ever since!