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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

Originally Posted by MapexDrums View Post

I just hope that I won't suddenly lose interest in drums.
Haha, trust me, you won't.
Bass is great fun, but whenever I play it for a while and then I leave it and go to my drumkit.. wow.. what an amazing feeling. It's like "yeah, this feels like home". :)

About your bass.. IDK what your budget is, but there on the States, for around $200-$300 you can get a nice brand-new bass, with gig-bag and a little amp included. Then you have to get a tuner, a cable and a strap and get to practice.

For my first bass I bought a cheap "Caliber" Precision Bass copy. I just made sure that the neck was straight and that it could stay in tune relatively well. Took it to my teacher adn he said it was a great purchase. This bass is more than enough for me to start learning, it looks good and it's fun to play.

Anyway, good luck, Cheers!
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