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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

I can't comment on dirt cheap (new) drums, but hey, you can get an el. bass at ridiculously low price new (or even cheaper when used). What about a beginner bass and 1-2 tutorial books & CD? It doesn't have to be a hi-end 6 string bass with spectacular veneer etc. A beginner bass package shouldn't be that expensive. You could even get away without an amp for the first weeks/months but still get into learning the finger picking, slap etc. You DON'T NEED LESSONS if you keep your eyes and ears open and follow the tutorial instructions. Sure lessons are a great thing but if money is a concern then you can do without when starting out. Try to avoid learning something the wrong way because reprogramming your muscles is an awful lot of discouraging work. If no lessons -> no need for a bass case (a gigbag is a good idea though).

As to drums: Consider getting a used set. It doesn't have to be a big kit. Hey, I don't have a full kit myself! Haha. (But 2 basses instead - fretted and fretless, and I can tell you it IS fun to play the bass.) --> EDIT: Sorry, you already have drums... I thought you considered a major upgrade or getting a brand new set. Even when upgrading, you could think of getting a (not ab)used set and thus, save much money.

I'm not your parents obviously, but if your parents understand that you're serious about this, then why wait 9 months? That's rocket science for me really. I wish you luck ;-)

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