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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name... Paul
How long have I been playing...3 months
Origin of my username... I read it somewhere,can`t remember where.
Top 5 drummers..Phil Taylor (Motorhead) Ken Owen (Carcass) Don`t have any others.
Make of drum kit... Mapex HZB
Make of cymbals cheap Sabian`s that i am looking to replace.
Where do you practice...Living room
Are you or were you in a band..Nope.
Covers or originals...Originals
Style of music...Metal,Rock, but will have a go at any type of music.
Take out food..I don`t eat takeaway.
Country... England.
How did I start drumming...i have wanted to learn drumming for years but some how never got around to giving it a go until three months ago.I wish i started years ago but i suppose its better late then never.
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