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Default Re: Looking to the future: What career is right for me?

Early in high school I decided I didn't want to be a pilot anymore and dropped my math & science and pursued writing and A/V with intent of journalism. After attending college in the school of journalism for a year and a half I realized that integrity wasn't as important as a proper citation to back the story up. In other words anyone can write the story before doing the research, there's just too many publishings to help an unbiased article. Not that you can't, but if I wanted to get an A on a paper I could write it in 30 minutes or spend hours doing it morally right. (For more information on this read fox news.)

My disenfranchisement complete, I paid for pre-calc and physics classes I would have got for free in high school to transfer into the CompSci program. I graduated with enough credits for almost 2 majors, extended my stay by a year on top of filling every summer as a half-time student, worked 30+ hours a week year round. I'm now a senior software engineer and it isn't all easy but I enjoy the field and my job more than I would had I stuck it out.

The background of journalism was one of the key factors in getting me hired, technical writing ability was heavily desired.

Whatever you choose to do it's never to late to change your mind or pick up a new skill, but it will cost you. If you enjoy math and science as much as I do go with that, every job needs a good problem solver and that's a skill that applies everywhere.

FYI many developers are reaching retirement age, and IT isn't experiencing the same recession right now that other fields are. This will be a mass exodus of people leaving a large need for talent that isn't seen too often because "IT" wasn't around two generations ago.
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