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Default Re: Any Smokers Here?

I cook with a gas smoker. I think it's easier to get a consistent temperature with gas compared to charcoal. Electric smokers are even easier but they are more expensive. I always use hickory chips. I donít soak them but I do get them wet. I always keep the water pan full. I think the water pan is an important part of what makes food from a smoker so great. Otherwise the meat would dry out. The best thing I did so far is bought a reliable oven thermometer. I got mine at the local grocery store for about $10. The thermometer on the front door of my smoker does not give an accurate temp at all so having one sitting on the inside helped out quite a bit. Also, you'll want to buy a meat thermometer. How else are you supposed to know when it's done? From what I've read, everything cooks best at about 235 degrees Fahrenheit. Ribs take about 4 or 5 hours, a pork butt can take 7 or 8 hours. You really have to experiment with time. Some things Iíve done have been better than others but itís ALL been pretty darn good.
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