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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks again!


Not sure which drum you mean. I have 8 wood hoop Stanbridge drums, 2 Ayotte wood hoop drums, and 1 Bearing Edge wood hoop drum. I think that one resembles the pic example you have. Bearing Edge was a company that fell off the planet years ago. That's a bubinga drum with Olive Ash hoops....if that's the one you mean.


Thanks for your kind words. I tune entirely by ear, trying to find the spot where the drum wants to live, and sing best. The bottom heads are slightly tighter than the tops. I don't tune in registers between the drums...I just tine each drum where I feel they should be and it usually works out that they work together as an ensemble. It's pretty organic really. Hope that helps.

Cheers from the Austin inferno....

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