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Default Re: Implementing a new conecpt? Possible?

Originally Posted by Kalma View Post
You can comment anything (such as the "master-drummers-pages", lessons etc)
- Users can post lessons as well
- Something like an own section for user-videos
Everything you've suggested can more or less be done already. Whilst you can't comment directly on the drummers page on the main site, many of them already have a thread here that you can add to. If they don't then you can always start one. The main page is often referenced by people who aren't forum members. They're looking for a resource and it's an excellent one. They want to be able to read up on the background of whichever drummer they're interested in....not necessarily to read what members of the forum think.....and if they do, then they can always read the forum thread on said drummer.

Users can already post lessons. Check the technique sub-forum, there's a bunch there from regulars and not so regulars.

There's an entire sub-forum dedicated to user videos already. They can all be found in the Your Playing section.

It's all here already mate.
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