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Default Implementing a new conecpt? Possible?

I was a bit bored so I've searched through this board a bit and also reading some old threads..

I often read about the idea of changing the board a little bit..
Which made me thoughtful..

I really love this board! The first drummers forum I joined was the german board "" - which I actually didn't like..
When I joined this I totally enjoyed reading discussions and especially about the ideas that other drummers have! (Even I haven't posted so much yet)

How about generating a new site, maybe a little better organized and structured a bit different.
I really like the idea of combining the whole site, which means:
- You can comment anything (such as the "master-drummers-pages", lessons etc)
- Users can post lessons as well
- Something like an own section for user-videos
- maybe you have some ideas?

could be a bit like "lastfm"?

What do you think? Maybe this is a stupid idea but maybe it could raise the sites visitor-numbers.
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