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Default Re: Any Smokers Here?

The thing about smoking chicken or brisket is finding big enough rolling papers! (ba-dum-bum)
Seriously though.....being from Texas, I must admit I have spent many a hour sippin' ice cold beer over a smoker. With chicken, try leg quarters first. I believe this would be easier for a beginner. The key is the type of wood you use to cook with. Mesquite or hickory are the best in my opinion. Soak the wood in water an hour before using (this makes it smoke well and not burn up too fast). I cheat by starting the fire in the firebox with charcoal. Once that gets going add some of the soaked wood.

You don't have to season the meat much, if at all. The smoke will do that. However, this is up to you. Sometimes I just marinate the chicken in Italian dressing a few hours before. Have fun and experiment. Place the chicken in the smoker and let it smoke. The key to smoking anything on the grill is to let it cook SLOW & LOW. This process cannot be rushed! Check the meat periodically until done.

Sorry I didn't get this info. to you before Labor Day, but I just saw your post. I hope this helps to get you started.
O.K.- here I go! "Three Big Chickens!!!!" You know, that is fun!
Good Luck!
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