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Default Re: Dealing with a band member you don't like

I'll throw in my lot with alparrott & larryace and suggest this is an "opportunity" to learn some patience. That's strictly because this is a praise band and any other I would drop it. If you're asked, make honest and constructive advice, but try to be the best possible example of composure for yourself. It sounds like the rest of the band can rub off some humble examples and you may all benefit over time. If the music is seriously suffering, ask the sound guy to record your Sundays and have the band listen to it and give feedback. Try not to do this in an attacking manner and give some examples of where your playing needs to strengthen as much as possible. Approaching it from what's best for the music may get some points across without any egos being hurt.

It sounds frustrating, but I wouldn't want anyone, previous member or her, to feel unwelcome in this case. I doubt God cares if someone's out of key and their heart's in the right place, that's just for us to cringe over.
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