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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

First, Thanks everyone !

Now , AAARRRRGGGHHHH !!! No I haven't been around much lately because I have been enjoying myself on some nice island somewhere enjoying the fruits of a lot of hard work , but because two weeks ago I had a lower back sprain and wasn't supposed to move from my bed ( yeah right ! , like I'm gonna lay in bed for a week) and then this past week (friday) I was down from oral surgery .. what else could go wrong ? , well let me tell you, while I was down I got a call from the manufacturing side excited to tell me they ran the first batch of 100 lugs. Yeah, I'm excited to , until I see them and I knew that a couple of the dimesions were off ! So now that I'm getting back on my feet I have to sit down and discuss where the mistakes are. Good part is that its just a few clicks on the program and we're back in business. The bad part is we have 100 lugs that aren't 100% correct.

So those are the bad things that have happened, but there have been a couple of positive things in the last couple of weeks that I've been down.
First is that we were contacted by a third but very large drum company interested in using the lugs. After we agreed to retro-fit a couple of drums for them to test they called the next day and got us those drums. We will be having a meeting with them this week at one of their endorsers clinics , so who knows what will happen, but I will keep you updated as many good things could come from this.

We have also been continuing the work on the "Flipshell" concept and we think we finally have it nailed down. Working the concept into a wood shell has been a little more perplexing than working it into a metal shell.

And finally we have the design pretty much done on the "multi -hoop" . The design looks conventional enough that it can easily fit among the typical hoops offered , but yet different enough that you will have to do a double take. With the way things have progressed so far with the lugs , I won't even try and give you a time line as to when they will be available but they will come , That I'm 100% sure of !

So instead of looking down on the past few weeks, I'm still looking up , and still very excited about it all . ( its just a little more work than I thought it would be, but I'm learning from all these lows ! )

Take Care,
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