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Default Re: Dealing with a band member you don't like

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Ah, organs... the classic "church" instrument, and the cause of so many train wrecks, unless you've got them in monitors. In the one church band I played in with an organ and a trained organist, the worship leader loved to have her start out songs. What I could never get across to him was that, due to the muddy room acoustics and the organ not being in the monitors at all, I could never hear her individual notes well enough to pick out the tempo she was playing.

As far as monitors and soundmen and control, again, this is part and parcel of the worship leader's responsibilities. If he notices that the sound guy can't get it dialed in, it's up to him to fix it, and this means anything and everything from having him trained/retrained, to replacing him. A great long-term investment for your worship team is true personal monitor systems with in-ear sound. I would actually invest in that ahead of new drums or cymbals.

Looks like your dad is getting the message about this one person, but I would advise caution and restraint. Nothing will poison a worship team more than getting a reputation as a political clique. I don't think any worship team should be forced to accept anyone with ego or talent issues, and there should be room for musical growth on the team. But for anyone to have a diva attitude in a worship team is to completely miss the point of worship in the first place. Lots of luck with this!

He doesn't play the organ in our band, he really caught on to the modern style of keyboard playing quick, he's an excellent player. I only used that to reinforce what you said about the lack of professional musicians in most church groups.

No in-ears. More trouble than they're worth. Dad agrees. One of our old churches he's played at (we've been to a few) wanted to try that and they never did, but he was always opposed to it. The sound at this past service sounded much better than before, so I think we'll just stick with what we're doing.

On the other hand, some good news about this. Yesterday my dad emailed all 4 of them for their upcoming availability to start rotating them and he wrote out the schedule this morning and showed it to me. She's singing with us this week, then gone for 3 weeks, then 2 weeks in a row after that, then off 1 week, then 1 on again. So it sounds like she'll be off just as much as she's on, and when she's not there it probably won't bother me as much.
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