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Default Re: Dealing with a band member you don't like

Al has given great advice here. I agree with the monitor setting- I, too, just like piano, only one guitar and only one vocal in my monitor mix when playing at church. It's not a like/ dislike thing, it's just all I need to keep track of where we are in the songs.
I also agree with having to deal with many levels of musical ability when playing at church. I once had to play with a bassist at my church that I absolutely could not stand! She just could not play and would single-handedly create huge train wrecks on a regular basis. She wouldn't show up for practice and would only come to church when she was up to play. I couldn't understand why our praise leader kept her for so long. I finally came to understand that it wasn't really for me to understand. I just reminded myself to remain christian and treated her as nicely as possible. Believe me, not easy to do on some days!
The "rockstar" issue- very hard especially for younger members to leave at the curb in a church setting. I've seen this many times and I believe that the praise leader could play a part in minimizing this through, maybe, opening prayer before practice reminding people of why they are there? I've seen this work. I have also been known to pull people to the side and reminded them of why we are there (this was done in a mentorship type of way, not out of hostility).
I wish you the best of luck with this. Try not to let the issue get you off track!
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