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Default Re: Dealing with a band member you don't like

Originally Posted by Coldhardsteel View Post
Al was right, you're practically a hired gun. You may feel a sense of responsibility being the leader's son, but that doesn't mean much more than the fact you're related.

My advice would be to chill out. Unless she targets you with her diva-ness, let everything happen. Trust your dad to have the wisdom to approach this whole thing correctly, if he finds it a problem.
He sent her an email after I told him that she told the sound man to turn him down, and he was probably just as pissed as I was for the same reason. The other women never once asked such a thing. They would complain from time to time about not being able to hear themselves, and that is largely due to the inexperience of our soundman, but it never bothered him. And he did call her on criticizising the other woman's voice. But the problem is, email's aren't really that effective as far as getting your real tone across and the email (I saw it) seemed a bit wimpy in the word choice.

I am definitely concerned for this week though, as our first bass player is playing with us again after being out 4 months for a torn rotator cuff, and he will undeniably be rusty since we've learned so many new songs since he first injured himself, and I really don't want her to say anything.
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