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Default Re: Eric Moore's crazy fills.....

Way to much stuff in there to answer such an open-ended question. It's all modern-gospel linear 16th and triplet hand foot stuff - pretty simple when you break it down slow but it's just all practiced to such a fast speed and tight feel. Maybe pick out your favorite fill or groove section? Narrow it down to one fill or one 3-5 second section, and someone might be able to help you out. Otherwise - just slow it down so you can pick apart his sticking and orchestration.

And just a tip - most of this type of stuff breaks down to about a half-dozen different basic linear patterns that are just orchestrated dozens of different ways, so that once you crack the first few patterns, it's just about redistributing it around the kit (same pattern, different sounds) - and of course playing them a million times over so you can improvise freely and still maintain your feel.
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