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Default Band issue... your thoughts?

I cant decide wether to leave or not ... and here is the story

So 2 and a half years ago me and friends from school started playing instruments and formed a punk rock band. Since then we have played a few gigs and recorded a few songs. We are really good friends, though when it comes to band it gets harder and harder. From time to time we've had conflicts but thats normal i guess. But recently i've changed my style and don't dig punk rock that much anymore.

There are some people who say that i have progressed more than my band, and i should move on to something more serious. And the people that told it to me know what they are saying. On the other hand there are some who say that i should stay because, if i left the band would break up.

Another thing is that, me and the band leader are the only ones who care about how the band sounds and also keep it going. The bassist and keyboardist are band leaders best friends and they play only for the sake of playing. Guitarist and singer just don't care about the way the band sounds.

Also the band leader is the one who makes the conflicts mostly. He usually yells at everyone and rarely appreciates others ideas ( also has big ego) Most of us can't stand him, especially when he gets angry.

Finally, in the end of summer we bought our own gear for practice room, unfortunately, that was when i realised i didn't enjoy playing with them anymore. But the money was already gone. My parents gave it to me and they are the ones who support me much and want me to stay in the band. They don't want me to leave because they are more concerned about where i am going to play after i leave than the money they gave me for the gear or my music genre.

We are really good friends and have great time together. I really don't wanna bring hate between us, but music is other thing i guess.

So what should i do ? Leave or not ? What would you do ? Also how to leave on friendly terms if its possible ?

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