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Default Microphones

Hi, I am looking into getting some recording equipment to mic up my drum kit. I am studying music technology at A level so I have some idea of what is required.

My kit is a single bass durm, 4 toms and a snare, with 6 cymbals including hats. What would be the best way to mic it up 2 on snare, 2 over heads and one on bass drum, or just one on snare 2 overheads and one bass?

Also should I buy seperate mics of a drum mic kit?

I know for the bass drum I need a special bass mic for low frequencies but for the rest of the kit would condenser mics be fine?

Lastly at college we use AKG C2000 mics which are 100 each, would these be good mics to use for overheads and on the snare drum?


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