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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks for the compliments, and thanks for picking up the DVD. It's great to get your feedback and it's truly appreciated! Hope it inspires some fun behind the kit.

I just posted the bit below in the gear form, but thought I'd post here too.
Hey guys,

I'm excited to announce something else that has been in the works for a while. Pete Stanbridge and I set out to create what we feel is the most personal, unique and exclusive percussion offering ever. It's the Todd Sucherman Signature Empyrean Stanbridge snare drum. I'm so proud to have teamed up with Pete, who is a master, and to offer a drum and package of unparalleled opulence. We feel this sets a new benchmark in creativity and quality. It's truly a collective dream come true, and for those interested in perusing the website, there's a lot to take in. Check out all the details included in the offering. We tried to create "snare porn" of the highest order! This is also the drum I use in much of the new "Methods & Mechanics II" DVD. Hope you guys enjoy checking it out.

Cheers from Pittsburgh,
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