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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

Hi there, man.

Well, first of all, I'll tell you: I've been drumming for almost ten years now. Like you, I also liked bass for a long time. Well... finally this very month I bought my first bass and started taking lessons. :) There you go, hell, if I can play bass, trust me, anyone can!!! LOL.

So, I agree with the rest. Yes, you should learn bass if you feel the interest to do it.


Originally Posted by MapexDrums View Post
should I learn the bass but not as serious as learning the drums? As in trying to learn the bass from friends and myself/Internet?
... I don't agree with this. :/

Don't make the mistake of learning an instrument "not as serious". It will never fulfill you. You won't feel the same joy playing an instrument you learned properly and put hard work on it than other that's "not as serious".You'll probably end up being an average player at best, it will bore you eventually and maybe you'll even quit playing it. Trust me, it happened to me with the guitar. I learned tons of "easy" songs on the web, never went to a teacher.. and that's it. Yes, I can play guitar, but no, I'm not a guitarist.

Now I'm learning bass "the proper way" and it's awesome. It's a great fun instrument. I'm learning how to read standard music notation and music theory: scales, chord progressions, etc. It's unbelievable. Learning and understanding all that "boring" stuff makes wonders for your musicianship and it's really interesting.

Anyway, go for it, but really.. try to take lessons, learn music theory, don't just learn "easy songs" on the web. You'll never discover the instrument's true possibilities that way. ;)

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