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Default Re: Should I learn the bass?

Hell yeah! When you have 'A feeling that I wanted to play the bass', what the heck is keeping you from pursuing this and giving it a try?? That doesn't mean you'd have to stop playing drums. Just get started with the bass guitar and you will see what comes out. Having a drumming background is a superb foundation so you can hugely benefit from what you already know and can do. Starting a new instrument will give you a deeper understanding of music in general and will strengthen your perceptability/feel for what a given musical context needs and what will be inappropriate or 'too much'. Especially drums & bass are a great combination to enhance these skills.

I pick up everything which interests me - electric (6, 7, 12 strings), acoustic (6 string multiscale), classical guitar, electric fretted (6 string) and fretless bass (5 string), the sitar, recently drums (no full drumkit)... I only have one life so there's nothing to wait for.

Playing the bass, you have some choices to make: using picks or playing fingerstyle exclusively? (You could also do both of course.) How many strings? 4, 5, 6? Which scale length? Fretted, fretless, acoustic bass? Getting deeper into this might take some time. Grab various basses next time you're at a music store and see what suits you most.
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