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Default Should I learn the bass?

Hey guys! I'll try to make this short haha.
I've been playing drums for approximately 3 years now ( Yeah I know that's really short time) But there were a few times in my music life ever since I started drumming, A feeling that I wanted to play the bass. And I wanted to ask you, should I stick to drumming or should I learn the bass but not as serious as learning the drums? As in trying to learn the bass from friends and myself/Internet? Drums is my #1 thing and no other instrument will come after that or among that.
So yeah, It's a feeling that I've had for quite a time now and it happened a few times earlier.
I really like the bass guitar and it's a beautiful instrument.
So what do you think? Should I stick to practicing drums or should I learn the bass?

Thanks for the help :)
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