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Default Re: Looking to the future: What career is right for me?

Originally Posted by OrangeAgent27 View Post
I'll tell you this, I got out of the military and thought I wanted to teach. I always had a dream to provide motivation to students and get them excited to learn and take on life, as I never had that with my teachers growing up. However, halfway through college I did my internship with a 5th grade class and SCREEEEEECH! I knew it wasn't for me. I was terrified though. I was almost done with school and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I only knew that I did not want to do the only thing I was (almost) qualified to do. The old lady told me that it was better to spend the time starting over with a new goal than to spend a LIFETIME doing something you hate. For me, I knew that I loved the outdoors, I loved nature and I loved helping people. So, I changed my major to criminal justice and within the year I will be a DNR officer (also known as a conservation officer, wildlife police or game warden). I will never make a rich mans dollar, but I WILL be happy! Take the time to find out who you are, what makes you smile and be at your best. Think about that and how you can incorporate that into your everyday life. Best o' luck, friend!
Wow, that story is so relieving. Thanks for sharing!
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