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Default Re: Looking to the future: What career is right for me?

Thanks to everyone. I know replying to a topic like this isn't exactly fun or easy, but each one means a lot. I like all the positive energy! Sorry for not getting back sooner; all this stuff is still churning in my head. Not to say I've been stressed with it, I think I just need to let things happen naturally for a bit.

denisri and evolving_machine, what do you find yourselves doing during an average day at work? And yes, I'm sure all fields related to the environment will be thriving for a long time, so that's something to look into also.

EDIT: Oh, larryace, I read your suggestion, and I first thought that I would never do something like that. But then, I realized that by starting my own business, I could have complete creative control over logos, websites, etc. An interesting thought.
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