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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name? Chris Crockett
Age? 32
How long have you been playing? Almost 9 whole months!
Origin of user name? Crockett + Octopus = croctopus.
Your top 5 drummers? ?uestlove, Steve Gadd, Gene Krupa, Jojo Mayer, Clyde Stubblefield
Make of drumkit? Gretsch
Make of cymbal? Zildjian
Where do you practice? My house
Are you in a band? Not yet but I need one
Do you play covers or originals? I guess covers and beats since I'm still learning
What style of music? Anything I can get my hands on and my brain around but I am quiet fond of soul, hip hop and breakbeats.
Favorite take out food? Thai
What country do you live in? USA USA USA
One really odd fact about yourself? I have a tattoo of a croctopus. It's basically my head on an octopus body.
How did you start drumming? I used to play bass so I was always interested in playing rhythms and beats. Some friends and I got really into playing rockband and I was always on drums. My girlfriend took notice of how much fun I had playing drums on rockband so she got me an Astro set for christmas and I started taking lessons with Zickos. The rest is a not too distant history.

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