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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Rene
How long have i been playing ? I get to fart around with my son's kit when he's not home. So, 3 years i guess.
User name : My wife, her 75 year old mom and i, have all been roadies for him at one point.
Top 5 : hum...Carl Palmer was a big influence for me growing up.The drummer for Alice Cooper in the early 70's ( don't know his name ! ) and i like Neil Peart. Paul Thompson of Roxy Music was also a favorite. Guess that's it.
Drumkit, & cymbals: Pearl VMX, Zildjian cymbals and a brand new Paiste 24 big ride ( love it ! )
I get to play when no one's around, i am NOT in a band, and play whatever i can, trying not to embarass myself too much.
Stuff : I live in Eastern Ontario, Canada.
I first played when i was 14. I was invited to a friend's family summer gathering. I remember a pool party, and a drum kit sitting outside. I sat and played the thing. The kit's owner said i had the hang of it. I think he was being nice. I was hooked, but never got to play again till i was 50.

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