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OK, here`s another one, this time a real mod.
I bought (with a pack of cigarettes ! ! ) a pedal simmilar to mine to use is as a test pedal for my "dirty little ideas". I`m planning on building a double pedal, but i`m still judging wether i should do it or if it would be a waste of money. Anyway, my first wish was to make a bodyplate for the pedal. No big deal, got the dimensions and went to a iron-worker acquintance, and voila. The pedal is more studrier now on plain ground, can`t wait to test it on the drum itself. The nice part is , the change is completely reversible, as the plate is held with 3 screws, one in the front and two on the heel thingy. I didn`t need to modify the pedal at all. Looks pretty amateur-ish, but it should do the job.

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