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Default Re: New guy in here!

Originally Posted by areFish View Post
Nice score on those hats! That shouldn't be rust because there isn't any iron in them. Must some other corrosion.
Well, by "rust" i meant "heavy corrosion that won`t come off easily, as it is quite deep."

I started refurbishing the hoops, by sanding.I was affraid of using paint stripper as not to affect by any means the quality or strength of the wood. They have a couple of dents wich should be very easy to fix with wood glue, it should work good as a extremely-small surface filler. The thing is, I only noticed the bad part when i unflipped the donor drum: a pretty big wood chunk is missing, i guess it was from the area where the pedal has been screwed to the hoop. It`s pretty deep, as it went through the first ply of wood. I was thinking of making a filler compound out of wood glue mixed with sawdust, but i`m not that sure if it would work. Wood fillers don`t come in cheap... What do you guys think? :|

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