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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

  • Real name? Giorgio G.
  • Age? 31
  • How long have you been playing? I started in 1998 and played for a year and a half. Then I had to give up, since I moved to a different city to attend University. Then it was a lot of on and off, until 2009, when I formed a New Wave cover band with a few friends, so I seriously resumed playing. But I\\\\\\\'m still crappy!
  • Origin of user name? Long and not funny to explain. It just means \\\"Pear Juice\\\" in Italian.
  • Your top 5 drummers? Jimmy Chamberlin, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jimmy Chamberlin, Jimmy Chamberlin and Jimmy Chamberlin.
  • Make of drumkit? My best kit is currently a Tamburo Formula (Italian manufacturer), but I also still have the Ludwig Rocker \\\'98 I started playing on, which I use for live performances. I also have a Roland TD-9KX.
  • Make of cymbal? Zildjian! I am trying to build a full set of A\\\'s, one of A Custom\\\'s and one of K\\\'s. Takes a lot of money!!! I also have a set of Murat Diril\\\'s, which are gaining popularity in Italy.
  • Where do you practice? At my parents\\\' house, which is sadly ~100 km away from where I work (and live), so I spend all of my weekends there. But I have my Roland here!
  • Are you in a band? Yes, it\\\'s called Decade,
  • Do you play covers or originals? We started out as a dark rock/new wave cover band (think of Joy Division)., but we are also trying to come up with originals. We already have half a dozen ready and many others to complete.
  • Favourite take out food? Chinese!
  • What country do you live in? North-West Italy.
  • One really odd fact about yourself? I can\\\'t really play the drums! Oh, and I hate sunflowers.
  • How did you start drumming? I was watching Queen\\\'s Live at Wembley \\\'86, and \\\"We Will Rock You\\\" came up...

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