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Originally Posted by brycephinn View Post
In my opinion Travis Barker is great. I doubt he is the best drummer of all time. Do you think Travis Barker on his free time plays the stuff you see him play all the time on youtube or in Blink 182? I can bet if you were to ask travis barker to play any kind of style he would. He plays what he does all the time cause that's the kind of drumming people want him to play. It's just like Jessica Simpson singing country. Nobody cares if you can play everything thing under the sun, you just don't belong. Why would he just start randomly start playing jazz or funk? Do you see Gabb, Neil, Portnoy, Rich, or all the greats playing a style of travis barkers? Do you think they can? Of course they could but that's there style. Drumming is drumming everyone has there own style, and they play it.
Originally Posted by brycephinn View Post
I forgot to add. I would like to see Billy Cobham keep up with Enema of the state. They both have speed yes but speed and insurance? A good drummer should be able to play a song, Drum solo, and play a fast tempo for a longtime.
I can appreciate what Barker is to the public and the drumming community and his obvious talent, but these posts are literally just blind worship of one person.

There's plenty of other rock players who can play CIRCLES around Barker with a similar style: fact. Just because you like him doesn't mean you need to defend him from the "haters" by putting down other people's favorite drummers for... absolutely no reason.
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